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Discover the UK Limited Edition Actros1

Actros1 is not just built to be the perfect business partner, it is built for drivers. 

Discover the features of the UK Limited Edition model and the benefits that these can bring to your business, from those that already drive them.

Read and watch more about Actros1 drivers and their stories of being out on the road in the Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK flagship model.

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Read all about it!

The latest issue of Transport Magazine highlights four stories from drivers and operators who are over the moon with their limited edition Mercedes-Benz Actros1.

Pollock (Scotrans), Chiltern Cold Storage, KRP Trucking and Genesis 2014 all took delivery of their new flagship vehicles this year (2018), and each has a different take on why they think Actros1 is a class leader. 

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Take a tour of Actros1

Actros1 is built for drivers, that is why it has all of the interior comforts you could ever ask for. It is also built to be a business partner, with exterior features and innovative technologies that make it the perfect flagship model. 

Watch as Bob Gowans, Product Manager for Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK, takes us on a tour of the Actros1 630bhp Gigaspace, inside and out.  

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A blinder of a truck

For their 10th anniversary flagship model, KRP Trucking did not just want a flagship truck that looked good out on the road, but that could perform on the job too. 

Discover more about why the Newcastle-based company chose an Actros1, as well as their 'blinding' livery, in our article. Read more


Super cool with Actros1

Paul Jackson of Chiltern Cold Storage celebrated his business' 25th anniversary by buying an Actros1 - and taking it on a delivery to Spain. 

Read all about his road trip and driver Wojciech Pospiech's verdict on their new flagship vehicle by clicking the link below. Read more

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The perfect partnership

Allan Holt and Pollock (Scotrans) have been fans of Mercedes-Benz trucks for years. So when the chance came to choose the Actros1 for their flagship model, they could not wait to get it out on the road. 

Read all about their new vehicle and check out the pictures in our article. 

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Allan Holt, Pollock  (Scotrans) (1)-937614-edited.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Actros1 rocks for Genesis 2014

Marcus Hughes’ family is steeped in the transport industry, which helps to explain why nephew Joshua is now driving his new fleet flagship, a sensational Mercedes-Benz Actros1. 

Discover how Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ advanced technology helps Genesis 2014 deliver the best for their customers, including online retailer Amazon.

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A truck that appeals to the head, as well as the heart

Robert Summers Transport are looking forward to the arrival of their Actros1, second-generation 12.8-litre OM471 with 390 kW (530 hp) output.

“Actros1 is a fantastic looking truck with a great profile,” says Managing Director David Summers. “Our preference usually is for 480 hp tractors, but I’m confident the 530 hp engine will deliver the mpg performance we need. In fact, as well as ticking all of the boxes in terms of its appearance, our Actros1 should prove a sound financial investment – it’s a truck that appeals to the head, as well as the heart.”

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A very special Silver Anniversary gift

Lombard Express boss Andy Dawkins hit upon the perfect way in which to mark his company’s Silver Anniversary – he invested in a very special tractor unit bearing the silver star of Mercedes-Benz, whose trucks have been the backbone of his fleet since its early days.

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See Actros1 from every angle

Check out every inch of the model's interior and exterior in our gallery.

Here, you will not only find the latest product images, but also get the chance to see the Actros1 in action out on the road. 

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